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Welcome to Family-LGBT.

A new and still under-development portal specifically for LGBT people to live and travel in a welcoming environment.

Based in Auckland, and serving all of New Zealand!

We’re open for your input!  Please check our “Contact Us” page to tell us about the places that you’ve found!  Your Rainbow Community mates will be hugely grateful!


Author: familylgbt

I was born and raised in South Africa, and now call New Zealand home. I've traveled to many exciting places around the world, and found that, aside from the "scene" places (clubs, saunas, bars, etc.) which are well-represented online, there is almost no information online about social meeting options. This leaves those of us who prefer to meet each other outside the "scene" at a loss. There are some sites that refer to some accommodation options, but these little else. Through this website, I hope to provide a one-stop-shop for the entire Rainbow Community dedicated to helping us find anything and everything where we are welcome - in spite of or because of our Rainbow status. familyLGBT - your go-to place for all your Rainbow Community matters. Charity begins at home, so New Zealand is my top priority. When we're established here, I'll expand to our neighbouring countries across the Ditch and into the Pacific, and from there, well, the entire planet! Baby steps...

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