About Us

We are a new start-up service to the Rainbow community in New Zealand.  Our aim is to provide people in the Rainbow Community opportunities to live and travel in New Zealand in a welcoming environment.

This website is in its infancy.  It has just started to grow.

Its birthday is 24 June 2017, born at 7pm in Auckland, New Zealand.

During its formative period, we intend to gather information that will help the Rainbow Community all over New Zealand, locals or visitors, to eat, sleep, and socialise in a welcoming environment in every town and city across all of New Zealand.

The internet is full of references to the “scene” venues, but these exist only in a couple of main centres, and most of New Zealand has no venues dedicated to, or even accepting of, people in our Rainbow Community.  This leaves our Community in a quagmire regarding welcoming accommodation and social activities when outside of these centres.  Even in the main centres,  many of us prefer to meet outside of the “scene”, and focus on more social type of activities, aside from alcohol consumption and random hook-ups.

With your help, we can present a database of every possible means for the Rainbow Community to meet others in situations where they will feel safe and welcome, and show them places to stay while traveling where same-sex couples in a room will be as welcome as any other couples would be.

Please support this initiative by contributing the details of any organisation where you know for sure that us Rainbow guys and gals can meet or stay over.  Did you feel welcome at a restaurant or when you checked in to an accommodation venue with your same-sex partner?  Maybe you found an Rainbow friendly hiking or sailing group?  Was that amazing tour operator welcoming of Rainbow people?  Maybe you lead or manage or own one of these groups or organisations?

Please tell us about these places and groups.  Your Community would love to know about the places where they will feel welcome!  Our Contact page is set up specifically for this.

Initially this website will have only a data gathering functionality.  We plan to enhance this website with a search feature when the database has grown sufficiently, so the more you tell us about, the sooner we can share this information with everyone!  Just please give us time first to set up the database and data capture form.  We’re still building this site – baby steps!  For now, please use our Contact page to tell us what you’ve found.

Of course, if you’re looking for somewhere, feel free to use our Contact page to ask.  We have a small database already, and we might already have just the thing you’re after!

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